We didn’t know we were going to leave ARF with a dog when we came in for a visit. When we met him outside he ran straight to us with a big smile and was ready to play. After a few minutes, the volunteer went to put Dante away, but he didn’t want to leave and stayed sitting right in between us. We absolutely love him and can’t imagine life without him!!!!!!!!!!!!! He gets us walking, he is wonderful with kids, and gets along with every dog he’s ever met! Forever thankful to ARF for giving us this ball of love!

– Tara

“Forever thankful to ARF for giving us this ball of love!”

Tara, ARF ADopter

More New Beginnings

Additional updates on ARF alumni

  • Adoption Update – Wrigley

    “We got Wrigley from ARF on 6/22/18. My father-in-law just passed away 5 days earlier on Father’s Day. We had been looking for a dog. I randomly got online to look at ARF website and then randomly Word with Friends Word of the day popped up on my phone, it was CANINE!!!…”

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  • Adoption Update – Honey (formerly Virginia)

    “This story was so random but so perfect all at once. It was an early morning and my mom was on her iPad looking on Facebook and whatnot, and all of a sudden she said ARF has puppies!! We had to be at ARF right away because it was a first come first serve process…”

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  • Adoption Update – Panna (formerly Missoula)

    “Panna was found on the streets of Stockton, CA. She was plucked from the shelter by the wonderful folks at ARF. My husband spotted her ears on the adoption page and sent me her photo…”

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