We named her after Murphy’s Law, also famously known from our favorite movie – Interstellar.

On Jan 18th, 2020, we visited ARF for the 4th time. We had just moved to Walnut Creek 3 months prior, and ARF happened to be en route to every grocery-shopping trip. This time we spontaneously decided to apply for a pet match. It was a popular adoption day, and it was near closing time. There were less than ten cats left ready for their forever homes. Just as we thought all the good cats are gone, a beautiful gray, chubby cat caught our eyes. She sweetly stared at us as we walked by her corner suite, and we decided to meet her! The friendly staff said she has just come from a foster family in El Paso, Texas. Murphy was a bit shy but very curious, and her first impression checked all the boxes–mellow, sociable, and quiet. Knowing that she will be on mobile adoption the next day, we quickly decided to bring her home. She is our very first pet. The staff thoroughly gave us all the info as we picked up everything Murphy needs in her new home.

After merely 1-2 days of being in her safe room, Murphy’s curiosity and sweet meowing sounds have given her permission to roam around the house. She settled down very quickly. We started to learn and understand every demeanor and meow of hers. In return, she learned how to sit and shake. She made our new, unfamiliar house feels like home.

Little did we know that Covid-19 are going to hit us two months later, and we have been happily spending so much time with Murphy. She has become our quarantine queen, our WFH micromanager, and our warm cuddler.

As Murphy’s law states, “Anything that can happen will happen,” but one thing we know certainly is that we will never live without an adopted cat again.

Huge thanks to her previous foster family, who has nurtured her to be a well-behaved companion, and ARF for their guidance for new pet owners like us.

– Miri & Alvin

“As Murphy’s law states, ‘Anything that can happen will happen,‘ but one thing we know certainly is that we will never live without an adopted cat again.”

Miri & Alvin, ARF Adopters

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