Safely Celebrate Halloween

Halloween can be equally spooky and fun for people, but maybe not so much for pets. Aspects of the holiday can range from stressful to your pet to downright dangerous! Here are a few tips to ensure you celebrate Halloween in a way that is safe for your furry friends.

Keep Candy Out of Reach

Chocolate! Xylitol! Raisins!

Candy may be delicious for humans, but poisonous for our four-legged friends. Keep candy bowls somewhere out of pets’ reach. A trip to the emergency vet would certainly put a damper on Halloween!

Watch for Trick-or-Treaters

If your front door is regularly opening and closing for trick-or-treat guests, there is a risk of your pet accidently getting out. Keep them in a quiet room to ensure a happy and safe Halloween.

It also helps to make sure your pet’s identification tags have up-to-date information so they can be promptly returned to you if they become lost, and that their microchip is registered at

Careful with the Costumes

While they can be super-cute, not every animal loves dressing up for Halloween. Keep an eye out for costumes that obscure vision or might trip them up. If your pet appears uncomfortable, take the costume off for the rest of the night.

On the human side, masks and accessories can be scary and confusing for pets to see people in. Avoid bringing them around costumed neighbors if possible.

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