• Outside Time for Indoor Cats

    Outside Time for Indoor Cats

    It’s widely accepted that indoor cats live longer than their outdoor counterparts. Outdoor cats face potentially fatal threats from every direction: cars, roaming dogs, poison, coyotes, antifreeze, hawks, and other cats. They can contract diseases or injuries that they can …

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  • Destructive Behavior in Dogs

    Destructive Behavior in Dogs

    Preventing and Eliminating Destructive Behaviors It is normal for dogs to explore the world with their mouths. However, dogs may not choose the safest or most appropriate chewing items as they get used to their space. Until your dog has …

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  • Managing Mouthy Dogs

    Managing Mouthy Dogs

    Reasons a Dog May Put Their Mouth on You There are many reasons a dog may put their mouth on you, and your dog may end up doing so for not one but many reasons: During playtime To get your …

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  • Dog-to-Dog Introductions

    Dog-to-Dog Introductions

    Be Calm When introducing two dogs to each other it is very important to be as calm as possible. Any anxiety or apprehension we have at the time will travel right down the leash to the dog. Dogs are experts …

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  • Housetraining


    Housetraining is all about teaching your dog the right place to eliminate and rewarding them for doing so. Sounds so simple, right? Well this process takes time and repetition. Even if a dog has a history of housetraining in their …

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  • What to Know About Muzzles

    What to Know About Muzzles

    Why Muzzles are Important Muzzles may not be the most appealing piece of dog gear to own, but it may be one of our most essential pieces of equipment when properly used. The popular view of dogs in muzzles is …

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  • Keep Your Cat in the Box

    Keep Your Cat in the Box

    By Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D. and Dan Estep, Ph.D. Five Things You Must Do Keep the Litter Box Area Odor-Free Cats’ have a very sensitive sense of smell. Odors are probably more important to cats than they are even to dogs. …

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  • Cats and Kids

    Cats and Kids

    Ten Steps to Follow Choose the Right Cat A very sociable cat or a kitten over 4 months old is a good choice for families. Avoid cats that are fearful or don’t like being handled. Always avoid cats with a …

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  • Introducing a Cat to a New Territory

    Introducing a Cat to a New Territory

    Importance of Confinement The setting at the shelter, the car ride home, and meeting new people can add to your new cat’s stress levels. When introducing your cat into a new home, they’ll need time to adjust. Make the adjustment …

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  • Introducing a New Cat to a Resident Cat

    Introducing a New Cat to a Resident Cat

    Introducing a new cat to a household of existing cats can be a little tricky. With a bit of preparation and some time and patience you can ensure a smooth introduction and pave the way for peaceful inter-kitty relationships. When …

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  • Introducing Cats and Dogs

    Introducing Cats and Dogs

    Introducing a New Cat to a Resident Dog When bringing a new cat into a home with an existing dog, taking a few precautionary measures and a bit of preparation can mean the difference between a future of peaceful inter-species …

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  • Food and Resource Guarding

    Food and Resource Guarding

    Food or resource guarding is when a dog displays behavior meant to keep someone from taking away something very important to them. This is perfectly normal and natural behavior for a dog — like digging or barking.

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