Alpine – 5 months old, 29 pounds, Santa Cruz.

Alpine is a smart, active, and energetic German Shepherd mix rescue. He is approx 5 months old and is currently working on basic commands and reducing teething behavior. He loves to play fetch outside and take naps during the day.

Alpine potty trained and is crate trained to sleep at night. Alpine is not fully vaccinated and plans to receive his second round of vaccines next week. As a result, Alpine has not had the opportunity to socialize with many other dogs. However, the shelter did not identify any concerns with socialization while he was there.

Alpine would thrive with a trainer who is experienced with GSD breed and/or committed to providing adequate training for Alpine to be a successful adult. He would also benefit in a structured and active environment (i.e. outdoor space to play/release energy).

We really hope that Alpine can find his forever home!

For more information about Alpine, please contact their guardian at (408) 309-1214.