Atticus – 8 years old, 11 pounds, Palm Desert.

Meet Atticus, a snow-like white cat with a heart as pure as his fur. Resilient and loving, Atticus overcame a urethral obstruction with the help of his caring guardian. He’s a special boy, both in health and temperament, requiring a unique Hills Urinary CD diet to keep him in the best shape. Behaviorally, Atticus yearns for more room and undivided attention, preferring the role of your best friend in a home where he can truly shine. While he currently shares a space with two other cats, he’s not always fond of their company, suggesting he might thrive best as your sole feline companion. His living situation might play a part on his frustration with plastic bags, so make sure to keep an eye out that he’s not chewing on them! If you’re ready to provide the love, space, and special care that Atticus deserves, he’s eagerly waiting to bring his unique brand of feline charm into your life!

For more information about Atticus, please contact their guardian at (847) 863-2103.