Baloo – 10 months old, 57 pounds, San Rafael.

We adopted our sweetheart of a Pit Bull puppy, Baloo, from a litter posted on Craigslist when he was 2 months old in December. Baloo was supposed to be a small lab mix, but turned into a big ol’ Pitty mix. He and our other pup Butterscotch have been best friends since he came home, but now he is too big (already 57 lbs at 10 months) and too energetic for us to keep him. Unfortunately he’s starting to play a bit too roughly with his elderly sis (due to his size)- she can hold her own for now but as she continues to age (and he continues to grow!) she will not be able to. He is both house trained and crate trained. He has attended Petco and Marin Humane puppy training series classes, is smart and easily trainable (with treats of course!) has “posses” of pups and people at our local parks, and is SUCH an adorable cuddle-bug. He follows my husband and me around the house- he really loves to be around his “people.” We love him SO much and want to find him a wonderful new home soon. 🙂

For more information about Baloo, please contact their guardian at (916) 716-6489.