Baylea is a very fun and well-trained dog. Some of the commands she knows are: sit, stay, down, come, place, shake, beg, high-five. She is incredibly smart and would love to learn more tricks. She is also crate trained, house trained, great on leash, and treadmill trained. Baylea is extremely athletic and loves going on hikes and practicing agility whether jumping up on a park bench during a walk or running through an at home agility course. Baylea loves puzzles and a great way to give her a mental challenge is scent work. She is highly food motivated and will quickly find any toy with a treat in it so you will have to get creative with your hiding spot.

Areas to work on: Baylea is being re-homed due to conflict in the home with another resident dog. Also because of her owner’s unpredictable travel/deployment cycle in the military she isn’t getting the attention that she deserves. She is looking to be in a home as the only pet and in a household with no kids. Despite her conflict at home she has shown an ability to be social with other dogs when introduced calmly outside of her home. She would be happy to go on leashed group walks/hikes with friends but may be reactive when approached by dogs that aren’t in her circle.

Note: During interventions to break up the dogs from scuffling, she redirected and bit the guardians hand(s) requiring medical attention.

For more information about Baylea, please contact her guardian at (908) 531-1775.