Charlie is a sweet loving little eight-month-old puppy that needs full-time attention. With the right treat, he knows sit, stay, laydown and park it! He is young and will benefit from continued training. He is not without challenges as he needs more socialization with other dogs and is sensitive to handling.

He is reactive with other dogs and needs to be with someone who will spend the time and working with him. He communicates when he does not want to be touched. This looks like snarling and nipping at your hand. He has bitten and broken skin on one occasion; no medical attention was required. This behavior can be the result of physically moving Charlie off the bed to go to his kennel. Charlie has completed Puppy Kindergarten and Wallflowers Class (see class description at bottom of post).

I love him, but he needs a home where he is the only animal and no children because of the nipping issue.

Wallflowers Class description: This class is for dogs that need to build confidence around people and other dogs. If your dog shies away from hands or refuses to approach new people then this is the right class for them. We will work on building trust between new people and your dog as well as teaching you how to support your dog in new situations to help them feel more comfortable!

For more information about Charlie, please contact his guardian at (925) 360-5976.