Coco is an energetic and affectionate Eskimo dog/Pomeranian mix who loves to be with her humans. She loves going to the dog park and taking long walks. We took her in as a rescue a year and a half ago, and it’s been amazing watching her progress with her training and gain confidence in herself. There are still some behavioral issues to be worked out (like barking at the dogs across the fence and resource guarding), but she’s ready to find her forever home. She resource guards her chews and territory from other dogs, no issues with humans.  

She does well with other dogs as long as they’re friendly, but doesn’t react well to rejection, and has gotten in fights a few times. The few instances with other dogs has not resulted in wounds to other dogs; no veterinary care required. She would do well in an active family with a large yard and kids (but not babies, as she loves to lick them). She has episcleritis in her left eye, which is well controlled with her twice-daily drops (which she’s very easy-going about). She’s a happy and loving companion. We love her dearly, and hope she finds a good home.

For more information about Coco, please contact her guardian at (925) 768-3796.