Hazel and Coconut are two bonded bunnies who live in a quiet home. Coconut (female) is a white lion head and is not afraid of humans, she’s very curious and doesn’t mind being picked up. She’s a cute fluff ball and is definitely the alpha in the relationship. She loves to eat hay, pellets, greens, and has a good appetite but is active as well.

Hazel (male) is an agouti color and is a bit more shy and grumpy but will soften if you pet him when he’s feeling like it. He likes to run around and will binky when he has the space to do so.

Otherwise, he likes to hang out in his cardboard box. He doesn’t like being picked up. I’d like to find a mellow new home for them where they have space to run around and will get to spend time with caring humans. Previous bunny owners would be preferred!

For more information about Coconut and Hazel, please contact their guardian at (408) 242-3042.