Daisy is a wonderful 11-year-old German Shorthair Pointer. She enjoys going on walks and cuddling as much as she can. Her favorite place is your lap. Daisy knows basic commands, she’s been taught hand signs for sit, down, bed, no, yes and come. Daisy is more of a site dog and took to hand signs and touch very easy.

She loves the interaction and treats. As Daisy ages, she’s not doing well with other dogs in our home. She’s developed some stress and anxiety that’s easily manageable by keeping the other dogs put away. Daisy would do best in a home with no other pets. Daisy doesn’t enjoy playing with other dogs for too long. They get too wild she gets scared.
She’s great with all humans all ages. She especially loves children.

Daisy is prone to jumping fencing if left alone outside for long periods of time or a neighbor has critters. She’s a hunting breed with a high drive and used to participate in upland fowl 5 years ago. She also enjoys going on outings. She enjoys the company of people.

For more information about Daisy, please contact her guardian at (707) 655-1544.