Dobby is very loving and affectionate. She loves to be pet, especially on her belly and back. She happily greets me when I come home. She loves to cuddle on the bed or couch, especially with blankets when it’s cold. She enjoys sniffing and exploring the backyard and on walks. She’s very food motivated and will do lots of things for treats. She can be stubborn, but is very trainable with patience and kindness. Her new home ideally has adults and teens with her being the only pet. She is reactive to cats and other dogs. She gets very excited around kids, but doesn’t know her own size so could accidentally knock them over.

A few months after I adopted Dobby in 2018, she saw another dog and reacted. While I was trying to keep her under control/away from the dog, she bit my hand (small cut).

For more information about Dobby, please contact her guardian at (559) 458-1943.