Donatello – 7 years old, 13 pounds, Walnut Creek

We have made the difficult decision to rehome our 7-year-old male Malitpoo. His name is Donatello, and he is up to date on his vaccinations and neutered. Donatello is well trained and knows several commands like down, stay, and sit. He is crate-trained and potty-trained.

To be fully transparent, we are looking to rehome him because of his reactiveness towards dogs and people along with his barking. He does not do well with larger dogs and reacts when people or dogs make eye contact with him. We did behavioral training with a certified dog trainer, and he has made a lot of improvement since then but still shows reactiveness at times.

He has a lot of energy and needs to go to a house that has a large yard. We want him to go to the right place and will continue to care for him until we find the perfect home.

Donatello has one bite incident likely related to resource guarding. He removed a paper towel from the trash can, dropped it when asked, and then bit when it was being picked up. The bite resulted in a small puncture to the hand and an ointment/cream was prescribed.

For more information about Dontello, please contact their guardian at (650) 438-4668.