Dusker is a dark grey male, domestic short hair, around 7 years old, and in good health. He is a large, extremely sweet, and lovable cat with a deep purr. While a bit shy until he gets to know you, once he does get to know you he is not shy at all. He has lots of personality and is very affectionate. He loves to play with cat toys, especially lasers and any kind of string-like toy.

He does startle easily and would need to be in a fairly calm and stable home with no dogs and no other cats or one other female cat. He wouldn’t do well around young children but would probably be fine around kids 11 and older.

I took Dusker in when a family member couldn’t care for him anymore about 2 years ago. It is difficult putting him up for adoption because he is such a great, loving cat, but I never intended to keep him permanently. If you’re looking for a young, healthy cat that will put a smile on your face every day, look no further, Dusker is the cat for you.

For more information about Dusker, please contact his guardian at (707) 396-9857.