Franklyn has a lot of love and laughs to give. This chonky boy loves face rubs, vigorous pets, and a good closet to sleep in. He is a very sociable cat who keeps his temporary humans entertained with his hilarious personality and various quirks, including his tendency to snuggle with shoes.

He’s definitely the cat-in-charge when he’s with his sister, Lilith, but they get along fine. The human friends who took them in after their guardian passed away already has a cat who doesn’t get along with others, so that’s why Franklyn needs to find a new forever home.

Franklyn is 6 years old, very expressive and intuitive, and would probably do great with any type of family and with other cats in the house. We don’t know how Franklyn would fare with dogs, but we imagine he’d probably do just fine as long as they don’t mind receiving nose kisses and being bossed around sometimes. It is likely he is overweight (approx. 20 lbs) and may need to be put on a kitty diet in the future. He is otherwise healthy, neutered, and up to date on his vaccines. He currently receives monthly doses of Revolution Plus, 11.1-22 lbs.

It would be preferable if he could be adopted along with his sister, Lilith, but it is not required.

For more information about Franklyn, please contact his guardian at (610) 368-8540.