Ginger is a 3 year old, orange tabby kitty who needs a new home due to our family’s relocation and inability to keep him at our new location. He is a great, lovable family pet! He’s soft, curious, gentle, loving, and affectionate. He has his main vaccinations (including rabies), is neutered and microchipped, and has no health issues that we’ve seen.

He listens well and is even trained to the command “down!” when he climbs counters if you’d rather him not. He sleeps hidden away for large parts of the day and is affectionate in the mornings and evenings. He’s easy to take care of and would make a great addition to any family (even to families with young children or babies!)

We will include his new litter box, food, supplies, scratching post, and accessories!

Please help us find Ginger his new forever home! 💕💐

For more information about Ginger, please contact his guardian at (949) 981-4108.