Kelso is a healthy, affectionate, and energetic 2-3-year-old pup. He is housetrained, neutered, and friendly — he loves people and is working on his polite greetings. His favorite activities are hiking, playing tug, laying in the sun, and cuddling on the couch. Kelso has been in his home in Oakland, CA for a year and a half, but is struggling living in the city and needs a stronger handler.

Kelso walks well on a loose leash on hikes and in less busy areas, but experiences leash reactivity on busy streets and with some other dogs. His current owner has completed several training courses with him, and he’s extremely food motivated and eager to learn. He knows plenty of obedience and tricks, and requires an owner committed to continuing his training.

He already knows lots of tricks, including putting his own toys away into their bin, closing cabinets on command, and stretching on the command “do yoga.” Kelso is an energetic, social dog who has experience coexisting with other dogs and would thrive in a home with attentive owners, outdoor space, and another dog or two that he can roughhouse with (no cats as he tends to chase small animals or young kids due to his exuberance).

For more information about Kelso, please contact his guardian at (415) 272-9996.