Lando is a boy with a lot of energy and a lot of love. He needs a family ready to play with him and keep him stimulated. I think a home with a second dog would be perfect for him maybe a yard. He loves going to the dog park. He is very good at gauging how to play with other dogs. He has no behavioral issues there. He does have stranger danger issues but has never even come close to biting. I have had several dog walkers come, and he does just fine.

He is a jumper. If you have small children, I can see that being an issue until you have him trained (he is very smart). I love him, but I just don’t have the time he needs to get all the energy out, and that isn’t fair to him. He is so sweet. But he deserves more than one person can give.

For more information about Lando, please contact his guardian at (626) 755-8096.