Laney is a very sweet girl. We adopted her as an energetic puppy, but she has calmed some as she’s gotten older. She has lived with other dogs and acts like a younger sister to a more dominant dog. Laney has gotten by for almost a year with minimal exercise but needs daily walks to live her best life. She particularly loves being off-leash in the woods.

She has great recall, but there are challenges when she gets excited and wants to chase small creatures like squirrels, rabbits, or birds. She hasn’t been in a crate for 3 years but sleeps in a small walk-in closet which is crate-esque. It keeps her from barking at unknown noises at night. When safe in her space, you wouldn’t know she is there.

When she was younger, she needed the crate to keep from being destructive during the day but she hasn’t chewed anything since she was two (six years ago). We used to bike her and skijor with her but her stamina is less than it used to be! Laney just needs a loving home where she can get a daily walk. She will do well with other dogs but not cats or other small pets. She is great with kids and has never bit anyone but sometimes will bump into people when excited – which is when she thinks she is going for a walk!

For more information about Laney, please contact her guardian at (925) 708-0235.