Little Girl is one of the sweetest, most even-tempered cats you will ever meet. She is a petite girl who is very quiet amd mild-mannered. She loves to play with her puff balls and watch birdies out the window. She also loves her brother Blackjack and they are a bonded pair. She is very shy and fearful around new people and will need a patient adopter to spend the time to gain her trust.

Blackjack is such a fun and lovable cat! He loves to play, especially with his rubber bracelets and puff balls. He also loves to be pet and is a big snuggler. Being the smart boy that he is, he knows his name and will look at you immediately when you say his name. He is very shy and fearful of new people, so it will take time to gain his trust and have him come out of his shell. But it is so worth the effort!

For more information about Little Girl and Blackjack, please contact their guardian at (925) 783-0700.