Luna is a sweet, well-trained dog who loves to have a job. She would love an active owner who can take her on walks, runs, bike rides, and hikes. Luna is very athletic and in addition to enjoying physical activity she has also shown a drive for scent work. She knows several commands including sit, stay, down, come, place, shake, beg, high-five. She is also crate trained, house trained, great on leash (and will wear a weighted backpack for extra work), and treadmill trained. She is happy to show her agility on walks/hikes. Luna absolutely loves swimming, but I recommend keeping her on a long line leash to keep her in a specific area or else she’ll swim across an entire lake.

Areas to work on: Luna is being re-homed due to conflict in the home with another resident dog. Also because of her owner’s unpredictable travel/deployment cycle in the military she isn’t getting the attention that she deserves. Luna is shy around new people and is looking for a calm home environment and to be the only pet and in a household with no kids. She has a high prey drive around small animals and birds. Luna is a great dog who needs a safe home with an active owner who wants an incredibly fun companion.

Note: During interventions to break up the dogs from scuffling, she redirected and bit the guardians hand(s) requiring medical attention.

For more information about Luna, please contact her guardian at (908) 531-1775.