MamaMia – ~1-2 years old, 12 pounds, Antioch.

If you are looking for a young female cat who will be devoted to you for life, likes to play (especially when you throw ping pong balls on a hard floor), is well-behaved, enjoys sitting in your lap, is highly intelligent, uses her litter box without any problems, then this kitty is for you. MamaMia is also quite a pretty cat, with beautiful green eyes. I call her “MamaMia”, because she had a litter of 5 kittens in my home this past Spring.

Mia didn’t start out as my pet. In January of this year, she showed up in my front yard wanting some attention and a little food. She looked well-fed, so I assumed she had an owner. She came by my house about 3 times a week. Then in early to mid-February I noticed that Mia was bulging quite a bit on both sides of her body. I knew then that she was pregnant. I took a photo of her and circulated a flyer in my neighborhood asking if they knew who this cat belonged to. No luck. I posted Found ads on a few lost and found websites. I decided that I would let her in my home as it got closer to the birth of the kittens, where she could have the kittens safely in an extra room, so that they could get socialized to humans which would make them get adopted more easily. Mia’s 5 kittens were born on April 14, 2023.

After the kittens were weaned and on solid food, I had Mia spayed at my own veterinarian’s clinic. At that time, she had her tests and required vaccinations. I asked my vet to scan her to see if she had microchip ID, but there was no chip.

I actually had planned to keep Mia, as she is a great cat. I already had 3 of my own cats. I kept them separate from Mia and her kittens while Mia was caring for them. I noticed even before she got pregnant that she was territorial. Most cats are territorial and chase other cats out of their yards. But Mia, if let outside, looks for my cats and any neighborhood cats, and then she stalks them, quickly running towards them, chasing them up fences, and attacking. This is her only flaw. For this reason, Mia would do very well in a home with a cat-loving and cat-savvy person who currently does not have any other cats inside the home. Mia would be safer if she was an inside cat only, and all other cats would be safe from her too. She really enjoys looking out windows, and she would benefit greatly if she had access to a screened-in porch, or a “catio”.

At present, I am working with Mia to help her get over this obsession to go after other cats. My vet has prescribed a drug called Fluoxetine (which is Prozac). It is very affordable. Additionally, I have been using some flower essences which can be ordered on Jackson Galaxy’s website. I also think she could be trained to walk with her caregiver while using a harness and leash. She wouldn’t be able to chase anyone and she would enjoy the time strolling outside.

For more information about MamaMia, please contact their guardian at (925) 597-7405.