Misty is a 17-year-old grey and white domestic shorthair female. She is a very sweet and pretty kitty. Although she isn’t really a lap cat she does thoroughly enjoy a good pet session and will approach you several times a day and stare lovingly at you or meow softly to get your attention. She also likes to play with cat toys, mostly chasing strings or laser dots.

I took Misty in when a family member couldn’t care for her anymore about 2 years ago. It’s very difficult giving her up because she is such a sweet and affectionate kitty but I never intended to have a pet long-term. Ideally, she can be adopted along with her brother Dusker, also posted on this site. This isn’t mandatory, though. Being an older cat, Misty does have a couple of health issues. She receives medication daily for hyperthyroidism and irritable bowel disease. She receives the medications trans-dermally (rubbed on the inside of her outer ear flap) and they seem to be treating her issues well. She also has been diagnosed with mild kidney failure, although it’s been over a year since the diagnosis and the only indication of it is somewhat more frequent urination.

Misty is microchipped, spayed, and current on vaccinations. She has been an indoor cat her whole life. Misty is a wonderful little kitty who would do best in a home with either no other pets or one or two other non-aggressive cats. If she sounds like the cat for you, please contact me.

For more information about Misty, please contact her guardian at (707) 396-9857.