Mowgli is a 3-year-old relatively low energy Australian Shepherd. He is very sweet and smart and has an excellent foundation of obedience to build on. He is house-trained, crate-trained, muzzle trained, has great recall, and responds well to commands and guidance. He is eager to learn and please his people.

Mowgli loves his core people but he is wary of new people so strangers should not pet him. Mowgli has some back and shoulder issues that cause him to shake when he holds certain positions for too long, and he is seeing a chiropractor every two months to address it. This issue makes him wary of high-energy dogs so his guardians should control dog interactions and advocate for his space as much as possible.

Mowgli has lived in apartments for his whole life and is used to walking on leash, but he has some stubborn leash reactivity to other dogs. He requires an attentive handler who can provide calm, confident energy for him. Mowgli would do best with an experienced dog owner in a low-traffic home with a yard, and without other dogs or small children.

Mowgli has two bite incidents – details below. Neither require medical attention.

Mowgli and one of my family’s dogs have been getting into fights for the past year. During one of the fights, my mother was in the middle of them, and Mowgli redirected on to her and bit her arm. He punctured the skin and tugged once before letting go.

A few days ago, Mowgli was on an evening walk, and a runner brushed past him unexpectedly, and Mowgli lunged at her and bit her hand, puncturing the skin. He is reactive to other dogs on walks but he has not reacted to a runner since he was a puppy so it was an unexpected incident.

For more information about Mowgli, please contact his guardian at (925) 451-3453.