I met Pitch as a young cat when he showed in a feral colony I feed. I work with the tamer cats to see who can be socialized. Pitch immediately loved to be pet and now he’s to the point where he would rather be pet than fed! That says a lot for a feral who gets fed once per day. Pitch loves to play and will chase a ball across the lawn and do zoomies when I show up because he’s excited to be interacted with.

He loves petting and brushing and follows me around as I feed the others. He even enjoys it when I towel him off in the rain. He gets along well with the other cats in the colony and is a “beta” personality. I’m listing a second cat from this colony that Pitch gets along with – Pete – in case you want to round out your family.

For more information about Pitch, please contact his guardian at (415) 517-7663.