Poppy has been with our family of six for 3 years since she was just a little kitten. Unfortunately, we can no longer keep her because a new family member is allergic. She’s kind but a little shy. She’s loves to be around you but not a snuggler.

She’s great with dogs, kids (we have both) and guests. She doesn’t like to go outdoors so if you like to leave your doors open she might sit and look out but won’t go exploring. She’s kind to new people. She needs a clean litter box and waits for me to walk her to it in the morning when we start our day. She enjoys wet and dry foods, but on her own time. We’re sad to see her go and hope she finds a quiet and tidy home to call her own. Thank you.

For more information about Poppy, please contact her guardian at (415) 971-0580.