Male/Black Tabby/13 lbs. Hello, my name is Richard Lixson. You may use Richard, for short. I very much like to observe my environment from high places…maybe I climbed Mount Everest in one of my lives. I am a sensitive, loving soul, who will feel most safe, grounded and content, with another sweet-natured kitty, although one of my biological siblings would be icing on the cat treat for sure.

Lately, I’ve had a ball hunting for toys to proudly present to foster mom. It would also be important to note that I absolutely adore having my fur coat brushed. My ideal furever home: A sanctuary that contains a designated spot for me, on which to Mount Everest…with folks who speak to me in gentle voices (especially when we first meet!), and allow me the quiet space I sometimes need.

For more information about Richard Lixson, please contact his guardian at (510) 962-2379.