Roo – 1½ years old, 46 lbs, Daly City.

Meet goofy, cuddly, adorable Roo! She is probably around a year and a half, she weighs 46 pounds, and DNA results show she is 100% American Pitbull Terrier. Still very much a puppy, she plays hard and sleeps hard. She is oh so much fun to get cozy with. She will curl up into a little “Roo ball” tucked in on your lap and lean in right beside you in bed where she will snore peacefully on your pillow. She takes any opportunity to bask in the sunshine and will follow her people anywhere they go!

When it’s playtime, she will prance about the yard like a bucking bronco tossing her ball in the air entertaining both herself and any lucky spectators! She has such a unique goofy personality. She is very ball motivated, loves to play fetch, and will promptly tucker out and take a nap after a 20-minute romp with her toys. Roo is current on all her vaccinations, microchipped, and spayed.

Roo still acts very much like a puppy and can get overstimulated. She gets jumpy and a little vocal when greeting her people or sometimes when she’s bored/frustrated but has mastered the “go to bed” command and will typically calm herself down when asked to stay put or when handed a chew toy. She is very treat-motivated and responds well to repeated consistent training. She is potty trained, crate trained, non-destructive, doesn’t have separation anxiety or noise sensitivity, and doesn’t resource guard from people under any circumstances – you can pull a bone right out of her mouth. Roo is great in the car; she always elicits smiles and admiration from neighboring cars at stoplights with her button nose and sweet gaze! Because she is still learning how to greet people calmly and can sometimes get a little grumbly when you cross her personal space boundaries, she is probably best in a home with adults only or with older, dog-experienced children. We have not seen Roo interact up close with cats.

Roo generally loves other dogs, but she approaches quickly and eagerly (especially on a leash) and can irritate or rile up dogs who don’t reciprocate her excitement. When walking towards or near other leashed dogs, Roo can get leash reactive (lunge/barking). She has been working hard on her leash-based reactivity with positive reinforcement trainers and has made great progress. She can handle meeting calm, confident dogs on leash. Off-leash, she often does great and can be distracted from triggers by engaging with her ball. She is generally very submissive with dogs who correct her behavior and thrives when placed with patient dogs (of all sizes) at her occasional daycare/boarding environment. Roo would make a phenomenal solo dog, as or be good in a home with a male dog.

For more information about Roo, please contact their guardian at (925) 899-4499.