Smokey can get along with people, kids, and dogs. He is independent, but will let you know when he wants affection (he will come up to you to snuggle). He prefers to sleep with someone every night and will certainly kneed on his person. He loves pets (especially under the chin), but prefers not to be rubbed on his belly. Smokey is obsessed with lasers and loves to play, but prefers not to be held (although he will tolerate it at times).

Just like with any animal, it takes Smokey some time to warm up to a new environment, so he may be shy or timid until he has a chance to explore a new home. Smokey can be an indoor or indoor/outdoor cat, and has been comfortable using a doggy door in the past.

For more information about Smokey, please contact his guardian at (925) 683-8903.