Snuggles likes to show her affection by snuggling close to her guardians on a couch and keeping them company at the foot of the bed, if allowed. No health issues, and is litter box trained. She has been with one family since birth as an indoor-only pet.

Snuggles slept on a leather couch for several years and respects furniture. She’ll sleep on any location you place a fuzzy blanket on. She is independent in that she will not bug you for attention if you work from home. Please provide scratching posts where she hangs out! She is very quiet and affectionate. Snuggles is best suited in a home as the only pet, as she is used to being the center of attention and being in a peaceful environment. Great companion for kids, teens, and adults.

For more information about Snuggles, please contact her guardian at (925) 785-6000