We fostered Suki as a puppy, fell in love with her & decided to keep her. The first year was wonderful; she played incessantly with our older dog. But as she neared a year, she got anxious and reactive towards other dogs – including being aggressive towards our lab over food or toys. We have done aggression training & she is now very well trained and obedient on most issues, but we have learned that reactivity towards other dogs is not an obedience issue, it is a deeper nervous system issue. Suki is loyal and sweet to her people, but barks at intruders/postman and she simply can’t be around other dogs.

We are seeking a woman/couple who lives alone in a rural or forest area, and/or has a large fenced in yard, does not have other dogs and wants a dog for companionship and security. We will cover pet health insurance for Suki, dog sit when you travel, and take her back if it doesn’t work out. We love her very much but our dog-filled home is not a fit.

We just know she would be a great companion for someone in a dog free, less busy place than our crowded urban home. We are happy to meet so you can assess her, and if you are interested, will teach you the training we have done with her. Information and photos here.

For more information about Suki, please contact her guardian at (510) 381-8647.