Unfortunately, we need to re-home one of our dogs as he has become incompatible with one of his doggy brothers. Meet Sully, he is a 2-year-old, all-white, Great Pyrenes / Labrador mix who weighs in at a little over 100 lbs. We rescued Sully 9 months ago from ARF and were a little unsure about keeping him for the first week, but as we all got to know each other he has become a great member of our family.

Being a Great Pyrenes, he does have selective hearing at first and can be pretty stubborn, but once you win his trust, he is just a giant marshmallow who loves to play chase, keep-away and wrestle with other dogs, although sometimes he forgets how big he is and has been known to move furniture.

He likes to go for daily 30-minute walks to smell all the smells and make friends with all the people he meets along the way. Being as big as he is, he attracts a lot of attention and he is great with people that want to come up and meet him. His middle name is “Whatever”. Does very well on a leash until he sees a cat/squirrel, then he is difficult to control and will definitely do his best to get away and give chase.

Sully is current on all his vaccinations; he’s also neutered and potty-trained. He does have some skin allergy issues that require an injection every 8 weeks, but other than that he is very healthy. He loves to have his coat brushed and will give his undying love to the person doing the brushing. Sully is a great dog and we would not be rehoming him if it were not for the issue with our other male dog. If interested, please reach out and we would love to give you any additional information you need. Thank you.

For more information about Sully, please contact his guardian at (707) 301-1745.