Tequila Rose (Tiki for short) is a loving older kitty. She does well with a small dog but does not like unknown kitty visitors, so I’m unsure how she would do with another cat. I’m assuming well if they live there.

She has her rough play moments when overstimulated (might try to scratch/grab on to you) but that’s not as common as she is older now. She’s mostly indoors but loves a good sunbathe outdoors. She can’t jump fences. My main concern is her marking on the kid’s things exclusively. It seems she’s had a difficult time adjusting to them. She’s not aggressive with them but will pee on their clothes, rugs, sandbox, etc. She would do best in a home with no kids or older kids/teens (not toddlers & babies).

For more information about Tequila Rose, please contact her guardian at (925) 698-9373.