Tiny is a 3-year-old female spayed Staffordshire Terrier. We have had her since she was old enough to be away from her mom. Tiny is potty trained, great with car travel, doesn’t chew, likes dog toys, microchipped, current on all vaccinations, and checkups.

She has never been a barking type dog. She needs daily play and walks. She’s tired after a good walk and is content being indoors in her bed while we are gone. She does have allergies and is on a daily medicine of Apoquel and on a preventative flea / tick / heartworm preventative (Tri-Heart Plus and Simparica).

She eats a limited ingredient food to help with sensitive skin. We will provide a bag of dog food, harness, leash, toys, and medication. She’s been around our son since the day he was born but keeps her distance since we make her due to our son being allergic. Areas of training are she needs to learn to not jump but has gotten better (only when she’s super excited when guests come over initially then settles down).

She does good with other dogs outside of the home but ultimately needs to be the only dog in a home. We need to rehome as she doesn’t get along with our senior female pitbull and despite kennel / trying to keep them separate we have had multiple fights happen. Tiny has never shown aggression in any other way. We do not need a foster as we can keep her until we find a new loving home. This is very hard for us but for the safety of our baby and both dogs, we know this is what is best. We would love to be able to stay in touch with whomever is interested in adopting her.

For more information about Tiny, please contact her guardian at (925) 383-2335.