Toby is a healthy Herman Tortoise. He is just over three years old and is fully grown (about 6″ long). He is a vegetarian. Toby was a Christmas gift to my oldest daughter, who has since gone off to college, where she is unable to keep him as a pet. The rest of my family has been taking care of Toby since then.

Toby is quiet but active. He lives in an 4′ x 4′ enclosure inside our home. It has a heating lamp, humidifier, UV light, heating pad, water bowl, and everything else he needs to survive and be healthy. His diet consists solely of salad greens and Mazuri vegetarian pellets. He can be social once he gets to know you, but we have to keep him away from our other pets (two dogs and a cat), since they will try to play with him or hurt him.

He spends all day in his enclosure, and he does not get as much attention as he deserves, since nobody is home or we are all busy during the day. It would be nice for Toby to find a new home where he could get more attention from his owners and has the ability to roam around outside of his enclosure.

For more information about Toby, please contact his guardian at (415) 793-6896.