Yuma – 8 years old, 70 pounds, Oakland.

Yuma wants nothing more in her world than love. She thrives on chest scratches and gentle hugs, and has learned the words “I love you” as the last thing she hears before she goes to bed for the night. We adopted Yuma in December from the Oakland Animal Shelter as a 7 year old senior who’s parents moved to a senior home that did not allow pets. According to her paperwork, Yuma loved children, was high energy, and grew up as an outside guard dog. Other than her deep barks, she definitely does not have the personality of a guard dog.

By her energy level, you would never be able to tell she was 7. She is spunky, expressive, very smart, and amazing at communication (she nudges and will tag to get your attention to something, like her leash or to go outside). In the time Yuma has been with us, she has learned the joy of dog toys, bully sticks, and soft bedding. She was not house trained when she arrived, but she was able to pick up our routine very quickly for outside potties and nighttime crating.

She loves people and LOVES other dogs, but her lack of socialization makes it hard for her to understand boundaries and unfortunately, our two dogs refuse to accept her in the home. Yuma is not an alpha by any means, but our other German Shepherd has put her in bad positions where she had not choice but to fight. We have tried to work on her socialization by bringing in a home trainer, taking her to day care, and giving her calming treats. Yuma wants nothing more than to be friends with our dogs. Our dogs just will not let that happen.

It breaks our heart because we love her so much, but Yuma would do best as an only dog, or with another dog who isn’t bothered by her nervous energy

For more information about Yuma, please contact their guardian at (415) 886-7214.