Zarya and Nickola – 1½ years old, 10 pounds, Aptos.

Zarya and Nickola, a bonded sibling pair, are two very special cats. I’m looking for a family or individual that are knowledgeable and have experience having had cats before. Both cats are acclimated to indoor life. Zarya is the black and white. She is precociously always looking for new objects to busy her mind with for pretend prey, and mental stimulation. She rides the cat wheel and loves dried meat. Nickola is fascinated by water, and hunts her swingy feather toy, grabbing it in her mouth on top of large armoire. She insists in bringing prey down off of it herself. She also uses cat wheel. They both are smitten with physical attention from their human. They both love neck scratches. Brynn will drool. Nickola is a born leading cat. They both eat Orijens dry food. No grain foods. Love dried meat and fish treats. Looking for someone who fills home with climbing structures for and toys!. The items they have their smell on will go to the lucky adoptees.

For more information about Zarya and Nickola, please contact their guardian at (831) 334-6065.