• Piper


    6 years old, Petaluma

    Piper is very sweet, she even loves our dog. She has been an indoor/outdoor kitty who enjoys exploring the neighborhood but doesn’t venture very far. Even though she is quite independent, she enjoys attention and being loved-up too. For more …

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  • Toby


    3 years old, 3 pounds, San Anselmo

    Toby is a healthy Herman Tortoise. He is just over three years old and is fully grown (about 6″ long). He is a vegetarian. Toby was a Christmas gift to my oldest daughter, who has since gone off to college, …

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  • Luna


    10 months old, 70 pounds, Pleasant Hill

    Luna is a loving and high-energy lap dog. She enjoys meeting new people and loves going to the dog park. She’s a big fan of all toys and especially loves her ball. Luna is very intelligent and would benefit from …

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  • Reginald


    4 years old, 25 pounds, Hollister

    Reginald is a 4-year-old terrier mix. He is high-energy and loves attention. He enjoys playing, hiking, swimming, and cuddling. He’s good around other cats and dogs. He would do best in a home without kids. If you are an active …

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  • Peaches


    8 years old, 11 pounds, Pittsburg

    Peaches is a lovably if not a grumpy cat. She has had to move a lot in her short life so she has developed some anxiety and doesn’t handle change well. She needs a loving, stable home, where she can …

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  • Guillermo


    1 year old, 70 pounds, Martinez

    “Guillermo” aka “Memo” for short. Memo is a sweet 70lb husky shepherd mix who just turned 1 year old and is extremely smart! Memo loves cuddles, walks, playing in water and spending time with humans. Memo does well with kids …

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  • Milky


    10 years old, 8 pounds, Orinda

    Milky is a petite 10-year-old pedigree Devon Rex cat. She is hypoallergenic and has super soft wavy hair (instead of fur). She is very cuddly, loves playing with family members, and is super social. Additionally, she is spayed and up …

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  • Leo


    7 years old, 24 pounds, Pittsburg

    Leo is a playful pup who has lived with two other dogs previously. He’d love a guardian with a yard where he can romp and play. He is house-trained and enjoys his time inside. He is good with people of …

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  • Dakota


    2 ½ years old, Clayton

    Dakota is a small, beautiful shy cat that hides and sleeps much of the day and joins the family in the mornings and evenings. She gets along well with other cats. She is an indoor-only cat and has not shown …

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  • Meeps


    10 years old, 16 pounds, Berkeley

    Meeps has been a loving companion of ours for 8 years, but due to some changes in our household, he needs a new, quiet home where he can be the #1 pet in your life! He’s a curious guy who …

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  • Mowgli


    3 years old, 45 pounds, Lafayette

    Mowgli is a 3-year-old relatively low energy Australian Shepherd. He is very sweet and smart and has an excellent foundation of obedience to build on. He is house-trained, crate-trained, muzzle trained, has great recall, and responds well to commands and …

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  • Leo


    1 ½ year old, 10 pounds, Oakland

    This is Leo, a 1.5 year old Deer Head Chihuahua mix. Leo loves long walks, cuddling under the covers, eating sweet potatoes and cucumbers, and playing tug-of-war. He’s super affectionate and emotionally attuned and loves kids. Leo is house-trained but …

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