• Ferdinand


    Ferdinand – 5 years old, 60 pounds, San Jose Ferdinand is a 4-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier and about 30% head with a face that just begs to be squished and cuddled. However, Ferdinand’s current guardian has had several major life …

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  • Marnie


    Marnie – 6 years old, 15 pounds, Vallejo Marnie is a sweet cat who loves to spend quiet time cuddled up on the couch. She is easygoing and especially likes adults. She lives in a house with two adults and …

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  • Buddy


    Buddy – 6 years old, 65 pounds, Brentwood Buddy is a charming dog who both needs and gives lots of love. He is both potty trained and crate trained and in good health. With slow and proper introductions, he can …

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  • Paisley


    Paisley – 5 months old, 25 pounds, Martinez. Paisley is a sweet puppy with lots of energy. She likes to hike and run through the kiddie pool. She loves being outside. She chases cats (so good if you don’t have …

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  • Frankie


    Frankie – 4 years old, 60 pounds, Hercules. Frankie is extremely sweet and cuddly. He loves to play, go for walks and is very good with humans, including children. He loves to play fetch (although he isn’t very good) and …

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  • Zarya and Nickola

    Zarya and Nickola

    Zarya and Nickola – 1½ years old, 10 pounds, Aptos. Zarya and Nickola, a bonded sibling pair, are two very special cats. I’m looking for a family or individual that are knowledgeable and have experience having had cats before. Both …

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  • Archie


    Archie – 5 years old, 12 pounds, Danville. Archie is 5 years old and is looking for a new home that will keep him in the Bay Area. He loves both the outdoors and curling up next to his human …

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  • Little Cat

    Little Cat

    Little Cat – 6 years old, 10 pounds, Clayton. Little cat is a quiet, curious, and loving cat who enjoys relaxing by a window or curled up on the bed. With the right guardian, she will curl up by your …

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  • Stella


    Stella – 1 year old, 60 pounds, Walnut Creek. Stella is very energetic and playful. She very much wants to be part of the “pack.” She wants to be on the couch watching TV with the family. She’s easily intimidated …

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  • Potato


    Potato – 10 months old, 28 pounds, Plumas Lake. Potato’s favorite activities are playing ball and going on walks. She is good with kids. Potato should be the only pet in the home and does not do well with other …

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  • Remy


    Remy – 2 years old, 35 pounds, Brentwood Remy is 2 yrs old as of Jan 28th. She is the silliest, most affectionate baby. She’s a little shy at first and struggled with anxiety a bit, but once she opens …

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  • Peekaboo


    Peekaboo – 7 years old, Flagstaff (AZ) Peekaboo is very much an old soul. She is an indoor cat who loves a lot of cuddles and affection. A bit shy at first, but quickly warms up. She is protective and …

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