Celebrate 31 years of saving lives and connecting hearts!

June 14 All day

Time flies when you’re saving lives! Believe it or not, we’re celebrating more than three decades of ARF! That’s why we have named June 14 as our first-ever ARF Giving Day.

Helping dogs and cats in need and finding them forever homes is only possible thanks to wonderful friends like you. Together, we’ve given more than 46,500 animals a second chance.

For the cats and dogs still waiting for a second chance, will you give them the gift of hope? Your support will provide for their rescue, vaccinations, spay / neuter surgeries, and everything they need on their journey to adoption.

You can give more homeless, neglected, and abused animals a safe place to heal and a second chance to find loving homes.

Please join us in saving lives on ARF Giving Day. With your help, we look forward to changing more lives and connecting more hearts. Thank you for celebrating with us!

Help us reach our fundraising goal of


ARF Giving Day Opportunities

To make things extra-special, we have some fun giving opportunities lined up for you on June 14!

  • The 31st donor of $31 or more after 12 am* gets to name a litter of rescued puppies or kittens.
  • The first donor at the 31-minute mark of every hour (1:31 am*, 2:31 am*, etc.) gets to name a rescued cat or dog.
  • The 31st donor of $31 or more between 9-10 am* receives a special social media shout-out for their pet, family, or friend.
  • The 31st donor of $31 or more between 12-1 pm* receives an exclusive kitty experience at our animal care center in Walnut Creek.
  • The 31st donor of $31 or more between 3-4 pm* gets a complimentary, customized wall tile for permanent display in our community garden.

*Designated prize hours are Pacific Daylight Time. Donations must be made online to qualify for prizes. Winners will be contacted privately.

Whether you’ve been a supporter since 1991 or just started this year, thank you for saving lives!

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