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Pet Hug Pack®
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Please click here for the most up-to-date information on operations during COVID-19.

A national model for visiting animal team programs, the Pet Hug Pack® is ARF's renowned therapy animal program comprised of 200 teams of qualified pets and their volunteer handlers. Each year since 2002, thousands of children, seniors, veterans, and others in need in Contra Costa County experience the wet noses and unconditional love of these special dogs and cats.

Aside from regular visits to more than 50 hospitals and care facilities, Pet Hug Pack® animals participate in All Ears Reading®, education programs, and outreach events as ARF ambassadors and symbols of unconditional love and compassion. Pet Hug Pack® animals are evaluated to ensure they are well-mannered, healthy, and of suitable temperament.

Invite the Pet Hug Pack® to visit your facility for 30-60 minutes of casual animal interaction. This service is provided free of charge. Please submit a Therapy Animal Request to begin. Contact the Pet Hug Pack® Coordinator with requests or for program information. 

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