One-year-old Catamaran is a fun, lively guy whose zest for life is infectious! Just a few minutes around this kid will inject you with a jolt of energy and a mood boost, to say the least. This boisterous boy looks forward to continuously working on his manners so that he and his family can enjoy life to its absolute fullest! With all that energy he’ll need lots of activity, and he wants to go on all the adventures with his favorite people – whether that means being your jogging partner, hiking companion, beach buddy, or even maybe a sea dog! Catamaran is enthusiastically looking forward to meeting you and hopefully becoming your lifelong sidekick. Catamaran has a positive history with other dogs. He currently weighs 57 pounds.

Catamaran’s adopter must be at least 18 years old with valid state-issued identification. ARF encourages family members to participate in the adoption process, especially children and family dogs. Please visit ARF’s website for information on adoption and to view more cute canines.September 30, 2022, 4:31 am