Community Cat

Community cats — sometimes referred to as feral cats or strays — are free-roaming cats without an owner. They may or may not be social with humans, but they are often well-adapted to their surroundings and either find a food source or have one provided for them. Check with neighbors to find out if the cats are being managed by someone, or if they are owned cats who are permitted to roam outdoors.


The cornerstone of managing community cats is Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). TNR is the only long-term strategy for humanely controlling the free-roaming cat population. Without spay and neuter as population control, cat colonies multiply quickly.

Shelter impoundment and euthanasia is not a viable solution. Because of the territorial nature of felines, when cats are removed from an area, un-neutered cats from nearby neighborhoods will move into this new, unclaimed territory and take over the food source.  

A growing number of cities support the concept of TNR within their communities to save lives and money and effectively control the growth of community cat populations. Results from a two-year study (link) found trap-neuter-return (TNR), an alternative to shelter impoundment, improves cat welfare and reduces the size of cat colonies. There are organizations in most areas dedicated to helping community members humanely trap community cats for spay/neuter surgery and vaccination and then return them to their managed colony locations.

Community Cat Resources

The following organizations may be able to assist with community cats in your neighborhood. These businesses/programs were aggregated as a courtesy and are neither endorsed, nor guaranteed, by Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation.

Animal Fix Clinic (formerly Fix Our Ferals)

  • A non-profit clinic located in Richmond, CA

Cat Support Network

  • A TNR cat rescue organization located in Walnut Creek, CA

Community Concern for Cats

  • A TNR cat rescue organization located in Walnut Creek, CA

Contra Costa Animal Services

  • A spay/neuter clinic and hotline for feral cats in Contra Costa County.
East Bay SPCA logo

East Bay SPCA

  • An animal rescue organization with locations in Oakland, CA and Dublin, CA.

East Contra Costa County Feral Cat Hotline • (925) 473-5001

  • A spay/neuter referral line for cats in East Contra Costa County.

Feral Cat Foundation

  • A TNR cat rescue organization located in Alamo, CA

Feral Change

  • An animal rescue organization located in Oakland, CA

Homeless Animals’ Lifeline Organization (HALO)

  • An animal rescue organization located in Antioch, CA

Homeless Animals Response Program (HARP) • (925) 431-8546

  • An animal rescue organization located in Antioch, CA

Island Cat Resources & Adoption

  • An animal rescue organization located in Alameda, CA and Oakland, CA.

Ohlone Humane Society

  • An animal rescue organization located in Fremont, CA, Newark, CA and Union City, CA

Outcast Cat Help

  • A TNR organization located in Martinez, CA

PAWSitively SAFE

  • A TNR organization located in Brentwood, CA

PetFix by Friends of Oakland Animal Services

  • A spay and neuter clinic for free-roaming community cats in Oakland, CA

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