• Orio


    1 1⁄2 year old, 7 pounds, Berkeley

    Orio is a small and super energetic boy. He loves to play and go on walks. He’s super trainable to circumstance, we’ve moved a lot and he’s been great throughout. He is housetrained and does great being alone during the …

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  • Sully


    2 year old, 100 pounds, Vacaville

    Sully is a big, goofy guy with a very laidback personality most of the time. Loves to wrestle and play chase with other dogs, but sometimes forgets how big he is. Likes to go for daily walks, but can be …

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  • Ollie (Oliver)

    Ollie (Oliver)

    3 year old, 10 pounds, Berkeley

    Ollie is a special cat with a big personality. He likes attention and independence alike, and is happiest when he get’s to go on neighborhood adventures. In the summer he loves to nap under a shady bush, and in the …

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  • Salem


    1 year old, Brentwood

    Salem is very playful and loves playing and running around with her siblings. She also loves being pet. She is the sweetest girl and very tolerant. She is shy around new people and will take some time to adjust to …

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  • Pimento


    1 year old, Brentwood

    Pimento is a very shy girl that has come a long way in the last few months. She now comes running to me when I call her and she loves to be pet!! She will need someone who is patient …

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  • Bowie


    1 year old, Brentwood

    Bowie is a very high-energy and playful boy. He is not a big cuddle bug with people but does enjoy being pet. He is shy around new people. He will need someone with time and energy to help him transition …

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  • Paisley 


    4 years old, 75 pounds, Los Angeles

    Paisley here! Aren’t I pretty? I’m a 4-year-old female pit bull with smooshable jowls and stunning green eyes. Even though I weigh 75 pounds, I’m a very gentle girl. My favorite thing to do is play with other dogs. In …

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  • Abby


    3 years old, 20 pounds, Dublin

    Abby is the sweetest and very affectionate. She is the quintessential lap dog. She has anxiety around strangers and other dogs. For more information about Abby, please contact her guardian at (661) 993-6339.

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  • Suki


    2 years old, 50 pounds, Berkeley

    We fostered Suki as a puppy, fell in love with her & decided to keep her. The first year was wonderful; she played incessantly with our older dog. But as she neared a year, she got anxious and reactive towards …

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  • Ginger


    3 years old, 7-9 pounds, Pleasant Hill

    Ginger is a 3 year old, orange tabby kitty who needs a new home due to our family’s relocation and inability to keep him at our new location. He is a great, lovable family pet! He’s soft, curious, gentle, loving, …

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  • Griffin


    1 year old, 52 pounds, Pittsburg

    If there’s a lap handy I’ll climb into it. I love belly rubs and back scratches. I’m a star player at the dog park, but on leash, I’ll bark my head off at other dogs. If you have cats I …

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  • Pitch


    1 1⁄2 years old, Martinez

    I met Pitch as a young cat when he showed in a feral colony I feed. I work with the tamer cats to see who can be socialized. Pitch immediately loved to be pet and now he’s to the point …

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