• Lemmy


    Lemmy – 8 years old, 12 pounds, San Martin. Lemmy is a sweet and cuddly cat. He was bottle raised with his litter mates and socialized daily so he loves people and will cuddle for hours. He is talkative, fun …

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  • Finn


    Finn – 3 years old, 15 pounds, Livermore. Finn is a great cuddler and a bit on the shy side. He’s playful and especially enjoys a good feather toy. He would do best in a home without dogs. He does …

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  • Atticus


    Atticus – 8 years old, 11 pounds, Palm Desert. Atticus enjoys many naps throughout the day, interrupted by bursts of play. His favorite toys include a feather, wand, and wicker balls … and he likes catnip! Before Atticus was medicated, …

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  • Milo & Dugan

    Milo & Dugan

    Milo – 7 years old, 18-20 pounds, Bay Point.Dugan – 1½ years old, 30 pounds, Bay Point. Bonded Pair For more information about Milo and Dugan, please contact their guardian at (925) 291-6466.

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  • Zana


    Zana- 10 months old, 45 pounds, Alameda. Zana is a 10 month old sweet puppy we took in temporarily and we are now looking to place her with new guardians. She was given to us as an Australian Shepherd/Pit Bull …

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  • MooMoo


    MooMoo – 15 years old, 10 pounds, Oakland. MooMoo is a wonderful cat who needs a loving home. She is 15 years old with no medical issues. She prefers a family with no young children. She does prefer males but …

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  • Buddy


    Buddy – 6 years old, 65 pounds, Brentwood Buddy is a charming dog who both needs and gives lots of love. He is both potty trained and crate trained and in good health. With slow and proper introductions, he can …

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  • Timmy & Jimmy

    Timmy & Jimmy

    Timmy – 3 years old, 10 pounds, Orinda.Jimmy- 3 years old, 10 pounds, Orinda. Timmy and Jimmy are two of the sweetest funniest boys I’ve ever met. My grandparents adopted them a few years ago as little kittens but can …

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  • Tiger


    Tiger – 14 years old, 28 pounds, Walnut Creek. Meet Tiger, an affectionate cuddler and versatile eater. He can live fully indoors or can do indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Tiger will lounge when you’re busy and snuggle whenever you come to the …

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  • Wally


    Wally – 2 years old, 19 pounds, Walnut Creek. Wally is a 2 year old Chihuahua Terrier mix. He loves children and gets along great with other animals (cats unknown). He loves going on hikes and taking walks. We found …

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  • Alpine


    Alpine – 5 months old, 29 pounds, Santa Cruz. Alpine is a smart, active, and energetic German Shepherd mix rescue. He is approx 5 months old and is currently working on basic commands and reducing teething behavior. He loves to …

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  • Jan Levinson-Gould

    Jan Levinson-Gould

    Jan Levinson-Gould – 14 weeks old, 4 pounds, Oakland. Jan is a lady of business who takes her job of playing with her two brothers very seriously. She has fun after work though and loves belly rubs and chin scratches. …

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