• Adoption Update – Gigi

    Adoption Update – Gigi

    “February of 2020, I decided to get myself a Valentine in the form of a dog. After visiting ARF 3 times, I finally met Gigi …”

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  • Adoption Update – Scout

    Adoption Update – Scout

    “Scout [formerly Stormtrooper] is super playful & very social. Loves his toys and MEALS. He gets so excited at mealtime …”

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  • Adoption Update – Vinny

    Adoption Update – Vinny

    “I had been looking to adopt a rescue after the death of my Wheaton. I was at ARF several weekends and worked with Greg a volunteer to find … “

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  • Adoption Update – Ella & Teddy

    Adoption Update – Ella & Teddy

    “Our story began when we adopted Ella (formerly Diane) from ARF 2 months ago. We learned very quickly that Ella … “

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  • Fostering a Dog with Heartworm

    Fostering a Dog with Heartworm

    Heartworms are worms that live in the heart and lungs of infected animals. Heartworm larvae are spread via mosquito bites, and heartworm disease can lead to…

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  • Adoption Update – Kira

    Adoption Update – Kira

    “Kira is such a smart and adaptive girl! She learns from all the people and animals she meets. For example, she learned from my roommate’s chihuahuas to be a good watchdog, she learned from my cat to be gentle with the new kitten…”

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  • Adoption Update – Violet

    Adoption Update – Violet

    “For years, I have had a desire to adopt another dog to join my family. In Feb 2022, I finally did it and I couldn’t be more grateful and happy with the decision…”

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  • Living and Learning with a Fearful Dog

    Living and Learning with a Fearful Dog

    Living with a fearful dog can be an entirely new experience for even long term dog owners. There are many degrees of fearful dogs and your dog may slide up and down the spectrum depending upon their skills and the …

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  • Separation Anxiety and How to Prevent It

    Separation Anxiety and How to Prevent It

    Keep departures and arrivals low-key. During the 10-15 minutes before you leave the house, strive for a calm, neutral atmosphere. Avoid grand gestures of hugging, kissing, or petting with your dog.  If your dog has previously shown any signs of …

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  • What is Positive Reinforcement?

    What is Positive Reinforcement?

    “The way positive reinforcement is carried out is more important than the amount.” – B.F. Skinner Here at ARF, the method of training we use (for both dogs and cats) is called “positive reinforcement.” Positive reinforcement works by using praise …

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  • What is Trigger Stacking?

    What is Trigger Stacking?

    Trigger stacking happens to dogs when there are too many sensitive stimuli occurring within short succession of each other. These sensitive stimuli are specific to each dog, but some common stimuli include other dogs, bikes, vacuums, and skateboards. Each stimuli …

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  • General Tips for Taking Great Animal Photos

    General Tips for Taking Great Animal Photos

    So you want to try to take some gorgeous photos of your pet? We can help! Every dog and cat has a photogenic side and we can assist you in finding it. If this helps you get some great shots, …

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