• ARF Dog Training Policies

    ARF Dog Training Policies

    Attendance The first class of Basic Manners, Small Dog Manners, Puppy Manners, Canine Good Citizen Prep, and Wallflowers series is an orientation without dogs. The orientation is an important class filled with all the information you will need succeed in …

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  • What is the Canine Good Citizen™ Test?

    What is the Canine Good Citizen™ Test?

    The Ten Items on the Test Here is a preview of the ten items the CGC Test includes. Handlers are welcome to use praise and encouragement and may also pet their dog between exercises. However, food, treats, and toys are …

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  • SF Examiner: ‘Petflation’ Leading to Surge in Animal Surrenders

    SF Examiner: ‘Petflation’ Leading to Surge in Animal Surrenders

    From Mandy Behbehani of the San Francisco Examiner: In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the adoption team at Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek placed photos of nine puppies on its website. About a thousand …

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  • SJ Hockey Now: How Mushu Changed My Life

    SJ Hockey Now: How Mushu Changed My Life

    From Shen Peng of San Jose Hockey Now: Meet Mushu. This was Mushu before my wife Mulan and I adopted her in Feb. 2021. Given the name “Streamer” by Walnut Creek-based Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation – yes, that Tony La …

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  • Adoption Update – Odie

    Adoption Update – Odie

    “We’ve been wanting to bring a fur friend into our family but after a scary experience with off-leash dogs …”

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  • Adoption Update – Finn

    Adoption Update – Finn

    “With two girl rescues at home, it was time to add a baby brother to the mix, so I came to ARF in search of a boy puppy & found “Cucumber” …”

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  • Adoption Update – Stephanie

    Adoption Update – Stephanie

    “After the passing of my previous pet I rescued, the house felt very sad and empty. When the time felt right, I came to Arf (where my family …”

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  • Adoption Update – Gigi

    Adoption Update – Gigi

    “February of 2020, I decided to get myself a Valentine in the form of a dog. After visiting ARF 3 times, I finally met Gigi …”

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  • Adoption Update – Scout

    Adoption Update – Scout

    “Scout [formerly Stormtrooper] is super playful & very social. Loves his toys and MEALS. He gets so excited at mealtime …”

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  • Adoption Update – Phil

    Adoption Update – Phil

    “We adopted Phil in April, and he has settled into our home beautifully! He’s really come out of his shell in the last couple ….”

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  • Adoption Update – Sabrina

    Adoption Update – Sabrina

    “I lost my cat “Sadie” in February, she had cancer. I’ve been devastated by her loss, but knew I had to grieve before I got a new …”

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  • Adoption Update – Vinny

    Adoption Update – Vinny

    “I had been looking to adopt a rescue after the death of my Wheaton. I was at ARF several weekends and worked with Greg a volunteer to find … “

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